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Our Investment Process

Our Investment process does not end with just creating a financial plan. That’s only a starting point in a continuously evolving process.

To begin, we start by:

  • Gathering relevant information & inquiring about your:

    • Personal goals, needs and priorities
    • Financial resources and obligations
    • Existing plans for retirement, college funding, estate planning and insurance
    • Value, attitude and expectations about investing

    What's Next? 

  • Develop a diversified investment strategy

    • Tailored to meet your goals and objectives
    • Commensurate with your value, risk tolerance and time horizon
    • Including cash flow analysis and optimization of investment income

    What's Next? 

  • Implement the strategy by:

    • Selecting & purchasing the investment vehicles
    • Implementing the strategy for both short and long term outlooks

    After creating your portfolio, we then: 

  • Maintain a constant review process

    • Monitor investment performance daily
    • Consistently evaluate the investment diversification of your portfolio
    • Make adjustments to incorporate changes to personal and economic circumstances

    What's Next? 

    • Our goal is to further your financial success & provide extraordinary service